Kasper Skirgaj││o-Krajewski

made in 1973, born in 1973: Kasper Skirgaj││o-Krajewski - co-owner
He graduated from the department of industrial design on the Warsaw's Academy of Art - diploma in the studio of graphical design 1998/1999. From the very beginning of his working career, which begun during his studies, Kasper was connected with the press design. He is the author and co-author of many magazine redesign such as 'Tylko Rock', 'Aktivist', 'Exclusiv', 'Przegl╣d Sportowy', 'Kino', 'Puls Biznesu', 'Press'. During the studies he was on placement in two biggest design agencies in Paris. At present he is involved with a big project for Bonnier Businnes Polska.

Luxsfera design consist of:
On the one hand there is a rapid growth of the accessibility of the technology of duplicacy. On the other one, the social esthetical consciousness develops disproportionately slower. The result will be more visual rubbish around us. In Luxsfera Design we are aware of the social responsibility that a graphic designer - designer will have.That is why our basic concept is to strenously aspire for reduction of the unnecessary elements. In our projects we search for beauty in its purest form and the simplesness of the composition, remembering that a good design must primarly meet the functional assumption. That is all for the Plato - Bauhaus tradition. On the other side we are aware of the fact that pretty soon our world will look dramatically different. Moving pictures will replace those static ones and will be attacking us on every step. That is why mastering the craft or the only right method for a good project is not enough. Only those characterised by open mindedness till their retirement will survive. We would really like to be among them. Luxsfera Design came to the existence in the year 2000.

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